Join us – and find an ideal network with a cozy atmosphere and dedicated science engagement experts! The NSCA provides a platform for meeting friends and colleagues and making new ones. We have an open and straightforward communication.

Who can join NSCA? 
  • Any Science centre in the Nordic or Baltic countries. Science centres are defined as exhibition and activity centres with the objective to popularize natural sciences and aim at learning and teaching through interactive exhibits and demonstrations. 
  • The Nordic Science Centres are very varied, but they also have a common platform of thoughts that make cooperation easier. We vary from small to big organisations. 

How to join NSCA?
  • In order to become a member of NSCA, your organisation must comply with the charters of NSCA and be elected as a member.
  • You apply by a written application to the Board. The application should be send by e-mail to the Kirsi Pulkkinen
  • The membership fee are €300 per year.

What does the membership include?
For €300 a year you get:
  • A network for future partners to develop different projects, events or educational programs together with. 
  • You can buy, borrow or exchange exhibitions or elements of exhibitions from the other members.
  • You are welcome to visit all of the other members.
  • NSCA arranges annual meetings were we have the chance to get more familiar with each other. 
  • The association publicizes a newsletter at regular intervals. 
  • NSCA arranges conferences. 
  • NSCA gives out scholarships and 
  • NSCA support concrete cooperation projects between members, for example touring exhibitions, production of audiovisual materials and production of educational toys.