The NSCA Scholarship is given out by the NSCA Board once a year. 

Who should apply?

You may work as an accountant, explainer or maintenance manager. You can also be an exhibition developer or a shop assistant. The scholarship is for every employee in a centre. The only condition is that you are working in a science centre or a museum belonging to our network. It is meant for travelling and learning from other institutions. You do not have to go alone to another science centre- take a colleague with you and go together!

What is the scholar supposed to do?

Our scholars have been visiting other Nordic countries' science centres and museums in our network. Usually, it is a good idea to plan your visit ahead. Take a look at the potential hosts` website and search for the people who could make a tour for you in their place. Our network has many centres, some of them are small and others are huge. Some are strong in travelling and some are strong at staying in one location. Some of us have collections and others have interactivities. We all have something in common. It is interesting to find out how other centres are handling the daily operations you do at your workplace. The scholar can visit more than one place during the trip and it is also an option to stay for a couple of days in another centre to really get the feeling of it. Be sure you take photos from the trip or make a short video.

After the trip you are supposed to write an article about your doings to our Newsletter. You are more than welcome to join us at our annual conference and make a small presentation (or why not a workshop or a theatre performance?) about the trip. If you do not go to the conference then please send a small video for others to look at.

How to apply?

Send an application/motivation letter to Martin Sõmer

 Your application must: 

  • describe where would you like to go among NSCA member institutions and what you would like to learn

  • include the estimated budget of your trip (only travel and accommodation costs are reimbursed)

  • include the approval letter from your director

When to apply?

You may send in your application throughout the year. The last deadline is usually the 15th of January every year. The NSCA board makes a decision at the end of January.

The amount of scholarship is annually 2500 € per year. This sum could be handed out to a single applicant, or divided between multiple applicants. Please note that in the latter case, the amount of funding per person is less than 2500 €.