Greetings to the entire NSCA family from Liepaja, Latvia. Since we met in September at the conference, some time has passed, but wonderful memories have been preserved!
In a turbulent, digitalising, uncertain world, making sense of the future is more important than ever. Therefore the conference began Thimon de Jong, a behavioural expert specialized in what people are going to do next - and what that means for leaders and organisations today with a presentation – “Future Human Behavior - big thoughts in the polycrisis”.  

During the presentation we touched upon topics such as importance of content and added value of science centers, ideas and innovations, how to come to them and in the same time  - how to hold a long-standing audience's attention, about future human behaviour and their expectations, as well as - do science centers have a future and what it is.

Continuing on Mikelis Bendiks engaged the audience in creativity with Lego Serious Play methodology with idea of co-creation and imagination as an answer to creation of content and problem solving.

In the second part of the day, we focused more on the offer of  Science and Education Innovation Center (ZIIC) – it may seem different from science centers found elsewhere in the world because we are small in terms of infrastructure. But don't think we have nothing to surprise you with! That is why we have chosen "Small space-Big thoughts!" as the slogan of this year's conference. Much more important than the size of the infrastructure is the content capacity what we wanted to share -  how we plan activities for both teachers and students, how to passionately tell stories and demonstrate experiments (science theater), the opportunities and offerings of the Nature House (offers a range of interactive installations, many of which have been developed by our own dedicated employees in collaboration with higher education institutions and partners.), as well as the way we use technologies - in this case - exploring the city.

Yes, finally, the cultural program where we wanted to reflect both local opportunities, feelings, and flavors as well as showcase a broader spectrum, because in Liepāja nothing is impossible. Judging by the participants' satisfaction, kind words, and smiles while enjoying the cultural offerings and dinner, it was a success for us too!

Therefore on behalf of the organizers, we would like to express our most heartfelt thanks to those for whom Latvia and Liepaja were not too distant, to those who came, participated, and spent three wonderful days with us! We hope that after this experience, you still have the desire to return to enjoy the city where the wind is born, our beautiful beach, or the wide range of cultural events, traditions and  contemporary entertainment opportunities (Liepaja will be European Capital of Culture in year 2027), as well as the offerings of our Science and Education Innovation Center (  Thank you also for your interest in getting to know the Vizium Science Center in Ventspils.

See you soon!

Renate Melke
Liepaja Education Department
Communication Manage