NSCA general meeting 18.10.2021
08.30-09.00 Visualiseringscenter, Norrköping

1. General meeting agenda and presentation

a. Selection of the chair, secretary for the meeting.
        i. Lars - Vilvite                                                           
        ii. Lisa -Fenomenalen

2. Roll call of members present

John Arne Frafjord -Jaermuseet
Sofia Fredholm - Kreativum
Ashild Adsen -  Vitencenter
Kirsi Pulkkinen -  Finnish Science Center Association
Daniel Svedmyr - Innovatum
Helena Zell - Molekylverkstan
Martin Sömer -  Energia Avastuskeskus
Pilvi Kolk - AHHAA
Gudrun Bachmann - The University of Iceland/Visindasmidjan
Kristine Bergmane- Korate Venstpils
Kim Gladstone Herlev - Experimentarium
Laura Grundmane - Liepaja Muncipality Education Department
Heli Ainoa - Heureka
Kim Brax - Visualiseringscenter C
Anna Björn - Baltic Sea Science Center
Nina Croft - Vitenparken Campus Ås
Lars Leegard Maroj -  Vilvite
Lisa Berg - Fenomenalen

3. Approval of new members

i. Ventspils Digital Cent                                                            
ii. Baltic Sea Science Centre                                                        
iii. Vitensenter Sør (Norway)                                                         
iv. Vitemeir (Norway)
v. Vitenparken (Norway)                                                         
vi. Finnish Science Center Associations                                                       
vii. Liepaja – Science, and Education Innovation center

All approved! Welcome to our Nordic family!

4. Report for the past operational period

Kim talks us through the past years and the members approve.

5. Budget and plan/strategy for next period including the board’s suggestion for membership fee 300€ per year.

Budget approved

a.     Election of members and chair of the board                                                             

i. Denmark: Kim Gladstone Herlev                                                          
ii. Estonia: Martin Sõmer
iii. Finland: Kirsi Pulkkinen                                                        
iv. Iceland: Gudrun Bachman                                                         
v. Latvia: Laura Grundmane
vi. Norway: Lars L. Maroy (Chairperson)
vii. Sweden: Lisa Berg

b.     Change of name

We made a few changes on the website with help from Ragna Skinner from Iceland.

The logo and the abbreviation for the name has also changed. From NSCF to NSCA. Nordic Science Centre Association

6. For info/discussion

Free admission for Nordic colleagues.
To encourage cooperation, knowledge sharing, and inspiration across borders, the board encourages all members to admit for free visiting staff members (not families) from other NSCA members, given that they’re able to identify themselves (ID card, visit card, etc).

The members think that it´s a good idea. The board will have a look at how we will proceed.

7. Next conference – Experimentarium Copenhagen Denmark

8. The list of countries that will arrange the conference
 – the list will be published on the webpage

2021 - Sweden

2022 - Danmark

2023 - Latvia

2024 - Finland

2025 - Iceland

2026 - Estonia

2027 -Norway