by Kim Brax, Interim CEO, Visualisering Center
Let It be no secret that I was nervous on more than one level before the start of the conference.

After all, it was my first time hosting this unique group of super-passionate science center people and Covid-19 was still looming large until the last second.  

I am so happy and relieved we got to go through with the conference live. It was just so uplifting and life-giving to meet so many happy and interesting people in real life.  

All the great presentations, activities were so much more fun and immersive than they ever could have been in a digital universe despite the fact that we are quite good at digital visualization.  

Getting to make new friendships and professional relationships live, was an early but fantastic Christmas present for me.  

For me, both professionally and personally, NSCA was a big success.  

We are very proud of what we have created over the last 10 years* and what we do every day for our guests and partners here in Norrköping.  

But it's not every day for us to have so many science centre experts visiting.

Our guests and collaborators often give us valuable feedback on their experiences, and of course, we listen to them with great interest.   

But the highly professional and constructive feedback and recognition we have received from our friends in the NSCA is quite unique for us. It has given us such a big power-boost for the future and you can feel it on all employees of the organisation.

- A big thank you for your participation and commitment.

I am really proud of our community and cooperation in NSCA. Anders Ynnerman, our future CEO Lisa Lindgren and I are looking forward to closer cooperation, sharing, and knowledge in the association and we are already very much looking forward to visiting our “big sister” center The Experimentarium in Copenhagen next year.   

*12 years to be exact

Vänliga hälsningar,
Kim Brax