— How did they grow so large?

Heureka, the Finnish Science Centre, has produced a blockbuster exhibition The Giant Dinosaurs in collaboration with the US-based Exhibits Rex Inc., a world leader in touring dinosaur exhibitions. Based on cutting-edge science and the latest discoveries in dinosaur’s habits and anatomies, this exhibition demystifies the question long asked of these enormous Mesozoic mysteries: how did they grow so large?

The largest dinosaurs – herbivorous titans – grew exponentially larger than any creatures before or since. Why? How? Did they chew their food? Grow as hot-blooded dinosaurs? Breathe as we do? And the meateaters — how hard could they chew? How smart were they?

Exhibits Rex Inc. company founder Don Lessem is a giant of dinosaur knowledge: the name of the Argentine Lessemsaurus honours Mr Lessem. He also worked as the dinosaur expert for the movie Jurassic Park, and one of Velociraptors featured in the film is also included in the Heureka exhibit.

The Giant Dinosaurs exhibition features moving robot dinosaurs in natural habitats, genuine dinosaur fossils and replica dinosaur skeletons. Visitors can learn how some dinosaurs grew so huge, how palaeontologists do their work and how dinosaurs survive to this day.

The exhibit showcases the evolution of dinosaurs. The first dinosaurs lived in the Triassic period some 240 million years ago, and they became the dominant animal group in the Jurassic period some 200 million years ago. They kept their top spot for over a hundred million years. Humans are incredibly young compared to dinosaurs: our existence is a blink of the eye compared to theirs.

The Giant Dinosaurs exhibition was opened in Heureka in February 2019. During the first month over 61,000 visitors saw it and until today almost 390,000 visitors have seen it!

The exhibition will close in Heureka on 15 March 2020 and after that it will be available for rent.


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By Heurekan / Heureka Overseas Productions