By Lars Leegaard Marøy, CEO at VilVite

I wish to extend a huge thank you to the organizers and the participants at the wonderful NSCF conference in Tallinn last month. I started my work as CEO of Bergen Science Center, better known as VilVite, as recently as August this year. The conference was extremely rewarding for me as a freshman. I brought back home with me a lot of new knowledge, surprising perspectives, a broader network, and fond memories of my Nordic colleagues as well as of Estonia (including some nice Estonian chocolate). 

For the 2019 edition of the NSCF conference, it is my great pleasure inviting youto come to VilVite and our picturesque home town, Bergen. My own expectations for the summon are sky high. The over-arching theme of the conference is operations. If find that subject to be most timely. The world is changing at an increasing speed, and the economic prospects are changing with them (even in Norway). VilVite’s owners and partners are all forced to review both their strategic goals and how they are operationalized. No wonder they are tightening the knob on us to do the same. Our visitors are of course adding to the pressure. They expect nothing but the best from us, and it’s therefore essential that we learn from the best: You guys. And to the common good of Nordic science centers, we’d also love to offer some of our experience and perspectives on these subjects. 

We at VilVite are looking forward to assisting the board of the NSCF in preparing a new wonderful conference, and I personally look very much forward to seeing you all in Bergen in 2019!

The 2019 NSCF conference will take place in Berge, Norway from the 22nd to the 24th October 2019.