Greetings from NSCF Chairperson

I will like to start this science greetings by thanking Vilvite for a fantastic NSCF Conference 2019. It was days filled with balloon car race, food truck dining, activities in the science center and a tour to Bryggen and Bryggeloftet. Our host created a perfect frame for the exchange of ideas and experience. I will also like to thank the board for planning an interesting and varied program with work shops and presentations.  

Our strategy

At the general meeting it was approved, that we continue with our current strategy:  

Our Strategy is to focus on the entire science center

NSCF covers the Nordic and Baltic states, giving us a more local than global focus. Due to similar cultures, cost structures, political and educational systems in our member states, we can benefit from exchanging experiences throughout our institutions and at all levels. We have to be aware that our member organisations are of different sizes and have very different organizational structures. 

This is why we have chosen to have a strategic focus on the entire science center – embracing all functions of our organisations and giving voice to all of our members. 

To make this happen, we will have specific focal points in each of the two years:

-       In 2020 we will focus on development, cooperation and funding

-       In 2021 we will focus on operations 

Our Board

At the generel meeting the board was approved for 2020 and 2021.

Chairperson: Hanne Haack Larsen, Experimentarium

Board members: Pilvi Kolk, Ahhaa; Heli Ainoa, Heureka; Lisa Berg, Fenomenalen (new); Gudrun Bachmann, UniSci; Lars Leegaard Marøy, Vilvite and Pauls Irbins, Zinoo. 

I am looking forward to the years to come. 

Best wishes

Hanne, Chairperson NSCF