By Hanne Haack Larsen

I have been the chairman of NSCF for one year and it has been a real previlege to meet, cooperate and exchange experience and thoughts with all of you. I enjoy being a part of our network and I believe we can help each other with daily challenges and inspire each other to further growth and development. 

It has been a very interesting year in which we have reintroduced our newsletter and made a new strategy for NSCF. The lastmentioned has been descriebed in previous newsletters.

We have had two of our members on exchange programs funded by the NSCF scholarship. Liisa-Riin Laidre, Energy Discovery Centre, visited Experimentarium and Ilona Stanitski, Ahhaa, visited The Science Centre of Northern Norway. As you can see in the article by Ilona it was a great experience, which has given new ideas and knowledge to be used back at Ahhaa.

We have held our annual conference and it was a real pleasure to meet so many of you in Tallinn last month. It was great to experience your commitment and enthusiasm to exchange ideas and inspire each other. I would like to thank Energy Discovery Centre for a well planned conference with good mix of sessions, workshops and interesting social events.  

In the year to come we will execute our second year of our strategy, hence the main focus will be on operation, which covers topics such as e.g. marketing, explainers, finances, the entrance, maintenance and the shop. 

We will publish 4-5 newsletters and I invite you all to contribute to these. You can send your articles to one of the board members. Furthermore, I encourage you to  share the newsletter with you collegues. 

We will give out scholarships and you can find more information about how to apply and the deadline for applying in this newsletter. 

Finally, we will open the doors to our annual conference and I hope you already look forward to visit Vilvite in Bergen, where the conference take place. You can read more about the conference in this newsletter and I hope you save the dates and tell your colleagues about this great opportunity.   

I thank you for a very interesting and inspiring year and I am looking forward to our cooperation in 2019. 

Best wishes Hanne