By Ilona Stanitski, Science Centre AHHAA

The small city of Tromsø bills itself as Norway's gateway to the Arctic, and there's definitely more than a hint of polar atmosphere around town. If you want to see pure nature, Tromso is perfect place for that. It is surrounded by chilly fjords and craggy peaks that remain snowcapped for much of the year, Tromsø sits on the eastern edge of Tromsøya, and is linked to the mainland by a gracefully arched bridge. As I visited this beautiful city in the summer when there was the Midnight Sun, I saw a perfect summer nature. The long, bright summer nights make it easy to lose track of time. Tromso has good food, design and culture, but I came to see the northernmost science center - Northern Norwegian science center.

In my second day in Tromso I visited Tromso science centre. From the first view, it seems to be small, but it has 4 floors and a lot of space. I was met by very nice people at the counter who explained what I can see inside. The first impression was very good. Most of all, I was struck by exhibits about carbon dioxide, they were easy and understandable even for the smallest. The space in the science center was well divided. In one place it was about the north, in the other about the environment.

The carbon dioxide problem is very important and an exhibit with blood drops like carbon dioxide shows that people by themselves are killing the planet. There was a small house in which the use of electricity was shown. Very often, people do not think about how much electricity a thing consumes, and even more so, how much harm it causes to the environment. That made a big impression on me and I started to think about it more.

The entrance to the planetarium is designed as a separate room about space, going there you immediately plunge into this atmosphere. In the planetarium there is a film, which was shot next to Tromsø. The most interesting thing is that this is all real. If you can’t see the northern lights, you can see them in the planetarium, for example, as I did, as I arrived during the polar day. The guide showed me the equipment, told how everything works and on what programs. I learned a lot of new information about Auroras. The planetarium struck me the most. A lot of knowledge that I received in Tromso can be used in Ahhaa too

No matter young or old, nor the degree of passion for the sciences, you’re guaranteed to have fun there while learning something new. Northern Norwegian science centre is an ideal place for visiting in any season.