by Lars Leegaard Marøy, chairman of NSCA
Dear colleagues and friends!

It was marvellous seeing so many of you at the conference in Norrköping. I'm glad that the board took the call at the beginning of September to proceed with the plans for an in-person meeting - even though some of our borders were still closed at the time. And then we got lucky, as border regulations were put back in place just shortly after we left Sweden. The pendula of the pandemic…

The Nordic Science Centre Association is about networking, knowledge-sharing and mutually assured inspiration. Meeting at the lovely Visualiseringscenter meant that we could once again accomplish these things in a way that no digital solution can (yet) cater for. Next year, we'll meet again, in Copenhagen. Hopefully, even more of you will be able to attend. I can hardly wait! ;)  

In the meantime, some of you will be sending, and some will be receiving NSCA scholars, travelling from one centre to another to foster collaboration. We'll be announcing new scholarships early next year, so stay tuned.

A basic but lovely way of connecting is to encourage members to visit each other's centres. In that respect, I'm glad that all organisations present at this year's general meeting welcomed the board's suggestion to accept all the staff working at other NSCA members for free. The board is looking into different technical solutions to facilitate this but would encourage you to start practising this initiative now if you're able to do so. At VilVite, we'll most definitely love to welcome you and your colleagues any time.  

On behalf of Lisa, Laura, Guðrún, Kirsi, Martin, Kim and myself, I send you our best wishes for the holidays! Take care of yourselves and your loved ones.