Dear Nordic science centre colleagues

The upcoming holidays mark a transition. From one calendar page to the next. From shorter days to longer. And from the year we were overwhelmed by a pandemic to the year we overcame it - with science.

2020 has been a time of crisis for our small community, and I am deeply impressed by the way the science centres have dealt with it. What has impressed me even more, is the way many of you have turned the breakdown into breakthroughs, not least in the digital domain. If you missed the excellent article Saile Mägi wrote on this subject for the September newsletter, I strongly recommend giving it 20 minutes of your Christmas time.

Apart from getting inspiration from their Nordic colleagues, I encourage my staff at VilVite to disconnect as much as practically possible during the holidays, not least from Teams and Zoom and Hangout. I hope you can do the same. Even if we've become affluent in working from the kitchen table and connecting digitally, I sense increasing digital fatigue. We still have some rough months ahead of us. And when the vaccines have hopefully done their job, we all need to be physically and mentally prepared to do ours, welcoming millions of Europeans ready for a fun and fearless summer.

On behalf of the NSCF board, I wish you a happy, safe, and reinvigorating Christmas.

Lars Leegaard Marøy (Chairman of NSCF), VilVite, Norway